Monday, October 24, 2005

Prom Nite 2005

That curtin Grandball prom was on saturday at night. At first I dont want to go until I was told to perform. well. I perfromed 2 songs for that night. early morning on Thursday I received a message from Nadia asking me to call her back. Wow!That was like 9 a.m. Thanx Nadia for waking me up :pWell, call her straight away. I learned that she got problem regarding going to prom. She told me that she cant go to prom because Lis and other friends table are full. so. there's no place for Nadia in that table. She was totally and utterly upset bout it. I felt sorry for her. I mean was really excited in going to prom. she already prepared her dress and booked a room at Mariot for that night. after listening, I suggested her to seat with me at th cv table and called Ikbal whether he got extra ticket and extra seats at that table. Nadia invites me to sleep over that night at Mariot. well, I agreed to it.

On saturday, I was supposed to practice with Desmond for the performance that night around 9 am but Des was to busy that day, and he said he cant confirmed whether he can sing that night bcos he sore throat. Besides that, he needs to go to town for his pants which he resumed to be long. so, we suggested to meet at mariot around 2 pm for sound check. I called Nadia to come to my crib around 10. And she did. we hang out for a while, go online whilec I practiced my songs. Actually I havent confirmed what song to sing for my solo performance. I practiced 3 songs that day, My Heart will go On, Breathe No More, and Memories. Nadia really like me singing Memories. But I'll do that maybe for future events. Taht song is quite challenging cause it requires correct breathing technic. same like My All by Mariah carey. wah!! It's kind of tiring to sing that song. Need more stamina I guess.we left the house around 1.45 pm for sound check. Nice... nice.. take out my keyboard, guitar and stands and straight away setup my equipment. In the ballroom, I met Abel, Felix, Jb, Bay, Nisa, Dian. I straght away setup my equipment. while waitng for Des to come, Abel introduced me to his pianist/keyboardist. abel met this guy at curtin camp. He's good in "goreng' the keyboard. Then around 2.30 des arrived adn we straight away do our last rehearsal for that day.

went back around 3 pm. dws folloed us. we went straight to Lutong Baru and send Des home after that me and Nadia went to teh saloon to do our hair. Nadia washecher hair and curled her hair. The aunty at the saloon electrified my hair. Lol! Funky eh. Nadia wouldn.t dare to like that.Then straight away went home and shower. My mom help me with the make-up. It was so thick. I totally look weird. then pick up Melissa because she's joining us for the sleep over thingy. we left for Mariot around 6.30. Walau eh!! we're late. Nadia and Melissa havent dressed and havent put on theri make- up yet.Nadia ws so panicked and nervous. She drived like a maniac. keeps cutting the road. Haha!!!Arrived at Mariot around 7 pm. Straight away we rush up to our room and get dressed. we sempat take pictures again. then left for teh ballroom around 7.45 pm. when we arrived there, lots of ppl lining up in a long line with tehir partners. Thank God it haven't started yet. And eveyone look s gorgeous in their dresses. Go in and sit at table 19, one of the CV! table. Later Kim join in. she's wearing black dress same a me. Looking good Kim. A few minutes later food was served. Then we took some pictures, Genesis dragged me, Nadia out for studio pictures. I dragged Kim in too.

Around 9 pm, me and Des performed. Im quite nervous that time Im satisfied with all of my performances although my key is flat at the bridge part for Everthing Burn. Desmond performed well that night. I asked Kim to take a video of my perforamnce. Thanx Kim:) For my solo perfrmances, ada tersangsut ckit when playing the keyboard. I accdiently pressec teh wrong key. Ouch! Whew! glad the performances was over. Abel raised up his thumb. Dr. Rose Aulburn praised my singing. haha!! That's nice.After that, was the voting for Prom queen and prom king. THis was handled by Vj and Renee as mcs for that particular event. The contestants were Daryll, Kimmy, Pamela, just knew her from CV!, otehr contesatnt I dont know other contesatnts name. That night, each contestants were asked a few questions by VJ and Renee. Some of them are asked to do catwalkl. This guy Ryan really attract my attention. Hes so selamba. He's wearing different attire from others. Kimmy was outstanding taht night. She sang a few verse for someone. In the end, the winner was Ryan and I think Hiew if Im not mistaken. But Daryll took teh title because Ryan left already. Daryll got the 2nd highest vote taht night. After that, Bay, Abel, and Benet performed. It was ok.

After that, is the boring part, slow dance. Watching couples dancing is killing me. Im bored to death. Im quite hurt watching someone dancing with someone. Sigh.. I got no date that night. Same goes with Nadia. A few minutes alter, teh song change to fast beat songs. Clubbin! Suddenly Tiang came 2 me and ask me to dance. walau eh!! Im so lazy to move my ass from the seat. But i danced with him in the end anyway. The songs were good. Latest. THen go back to my seats. a few minutes later, Jimmy dragged me to the dance floor. haha!!! I joined Jimmy, Wanie, Nadia, Izzah and lots more. Kim pulak taking pictures of people dancing. Haha!! Really enjoy dancing that night. Tiang looks sad in the end. I wonder why?Finally around 11 somethig it ended. Take pictures again outside the ballroom. got some flowers from people. Then we left and go back to our room.

Me and Melissa decided to go to cb. So we changed our clothes and head straight to cb. LOl! i really danced that night. haha!! Melissa and me danced while Nadia went out with Shenton, Lenny and Calvin to Mayang sari. Inside, I joined Izzah, LIs, Tim, Pauline at teh dance floor. haah. it ws really enjoyable. But suddenly, a girl in red came to me and Izzah. She dance like a maniac who ws electrified. haha!!! She introduced herself to us. I frgot her name and I dont care. She's like a creeper. Really! she creeps me out. Mcm lesbo ada juga. Then I go out and wait for Nadia to fetch us. we went to Perwira to get some food or sahur. There, Nadia expressed out her problem regarding her relationship with her best friend. She cried. Sigh... I'll pray for you Nadia so that both of you can solve this and be back to normal.we went back to Mariot around 3 our room, we got into a pillow fight before we sleep. haha!! crazy!! we slept around 5 am. haha!! That was really a nice day!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Az's bak!!

Im bak! All of the bad moods r gone now. THis happen when Aylwin contact me to help him with the cv! music band. He's asking whether I can perform that nite. well, I keep saying I think about it or I confirm wif ya later. Before I was really downed. Don/t even want to be involves in any gigs or activities. JUst want to focus more on my studies. I'm having a break for 2 months rejecting any gig or activities. In dat months I realised dat my life is dull. JUst doing my assignments n works. Damn!!! It's so boring.

I cant live without music. I just love the feeling of performing where there r lots of spectators. THe best thing is to make the peeps opening their mouth for a few secs or make there hair stand. he.he I felt like I'm scaring them. "Pontianak". I just love the applause frm peeps. THen they start 2 congratulate me of my performance. That is nice.

I guess there's no point looking at teh past anymore. All of the conflicts that happen before is actually a remedy for me to carried on and pursue my dream because in order to pursue or to make ur dream come true is hard n very challenging.

I actually wanna thank Kim, Alywin, Nadia, Jimmy, n etc for giving me support n encourage me to be back again. Thanks guys!!

I wanna perform, I wanna form a band, I want to share music to other peoples and maybe teach them of what I know. Guys! Lets make it happen!!